Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get your Guild wars 2 Serial code Generator

Guys. Guild wars 2 is on close beta yet so I know some of you are searching for serial codes to unlock your account. For all GW2 fans, This is your lucky day because I will be releasing a GW2 Serial code Generator for FREE. This generator will generate serial codes for GW2 so you can register in their official site Also, You can save money because you dont need to buy their Pre-Purchase copies to play this game. Just one click in the generator and your free to play GW2.

Steps How to register in Guildwars II:

*First, Open the GWII Serial Code Generator
*Click Generate to get the code
*Go the and put the code there
*The next step is easy, I know you guys are not stupid. You can handle it already

So guys. Download the GWII Serial Code Generator now for free and play like maniacs. Nice working with you guys. Enjoy!